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Mr. Makoto Imabeppu, President and CEO of Kokura Gosei Kogyo Ltd. graduated from Miyazaki University, Graduate School and joined the company in 1986.
Since joining the company, he has been involved in product and technology research and development. He had also been in charge of sales and quality assurance departments.
His personal interests are to explore the latest equipment and information of the things related to information & communication. He is greatly fond of assembling handmade personal computers. He always prefers a rucksack over a shoulder or business bag.

As Kazuo Inamori of KYOCERA, or the late Steve Jobs of APPLE; my aim is to be also a field-oriented person.
Although high-pressure hydrogenation and precision distillation is very niche technology but we pride ourselves on having the best equipment and technical capabilities amongst domestic chemical manufacturers.
As naturalist scientist Charles Darwin allegedly said,
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”, thus We must continue to change in order to use technology and invent things. It will not be possible to survive in this era by clinging to the glory days of the past and "making the same thing in the same way" in future.
Technological development ability to change will continue to support the growth of Kokura Gosei which is derived from the requests of customers linking to the excitement of creativity.
We are a profit-making enterprise, as traditional organization of a joint-stock company indicates. But I believe that the company does not exist notonly for the sake of stake holders but alos for the sake of contribution toward sustainable technological development. CSR is a key priory and importance towards my daily managerial activities always.
As a company loved by customers, employees, and everyone in the community, we Kokura Gosei Kogyo Ltd., would like to look ahead to the coming era.

Kokura Gosei Kogyo. Ltd.
Corporate President
Makoto Imabeppu

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