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Castor oil fatty acid

Castor oil fatty acid is a fatty acid obtained by decomposing castor oil, and the fatty acid composition is mainly composed of about 90% ricinoleic acid, and has a small amount of linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, and 9,10-dihydroxystearic acid.

Hydrogenated castor oil (hardened castor oil)

Hydrogenated castor oil is castor oil with hydrogen added. It is a triglyceride of saturated fatty acid, and is a hard and brittle white flake-like high melting point wax.

Fats and oils become liquid at room temperature because they contain many unsaturated bonds (double bonds), but by adding hydrogen, they are changed to single bonds (saturated bonds) that are difficult to oxidize and have a high melting point, improving stability and remains solid at room temperature.

12-Hydroxystearic acid is the main component of saturated fatty acid produced by hydrogenation and decomposition of castor oil.

12-Hydroxystearic acid is used in our daily life by adding an appropriate amount to edible oil (used/fried oil) for dissolve, and then cooling it to a gel and later appropriates it to facilitate disposal.

We also have HSTOL (12-hydroxystearyl alcohol), which is made from 12-hydroxystearic acid.

Sebacic Acid Derivatives

Sebacic acid is a dicarboxylic acid whose main raw material is castor oil obtained from castor seed.

Castor oil is a long-chain dibasic acid consisting of 10 carbon atoms obtained by our original alkaline melting method, and has been our one of the main product for many years.

Sebacic acid ester (DOS, DBS) is used as a cold-resistant plasticizer for many resins including vinyl chloride, and is also a raw material for 6,10-nylon, hot melt adhesive, condenser electrolyte, coolant (antifreeze), and water-soluble lube etc. In recent years, it has been attracting attention as a carbon-neutral product made from plants.

In addition, 2-octanol, Glauber's salt and glycerin are also produced as by-products when producing sebacic acid.

We are developing not only 2-octanol products but also products using 2-octanol as a raw material to produce others.

In addition, we are always accepting requests from customers for the manufacture of tailored derivatives.

Castor oil oligomer

The K-PON300 series is a special fatty acid oligomer obtained from castor oil. We have the K-PON300 series, which is self-condensed with 12-hydroxystearic acid.

Castor Esters

In the K-PON series, there is the 100 series, which is a methyl ester obtained from castor oil.

We also have esters of K-PON300 and polyethylene glycol.

Should you require information or assistance for manufacturing ester products, do feel free to contact us.

Rice wax (R WAX)

Rice bran oil collected from rice bran after milling and natural wax extracted and refined from the residue after collection are one of the main products of our green chemical business.

Rice wax is the second hardest wax after carnauba wax and candelilla wax, and has a high melting point of 70 to 83 ° C. It is not as good as carnauba wax and candelilla wax, but it has an excellent function of increasing hardness by adding it to other oil-based raw materials.

It is used as an ink / toner resin additive, shoe polish, water repellent, candle, and chewing gum plasticizer.

Rice bran wax is dominated by behenic acid (C2₂) and lignoceric acid (C2₄), and hydrogenated rice wax is dominated by palmitic acid (C₁₆) and stearic acid (C₁₈).

The main component of alcohol is C2₄-C₃₄ (even number) for both rice wax and hydrogenated rice wax, and it is said that the overall oxidation stability is extremely high (difficult to oxidize).

Hardness, temperature stability, and glossiness are the properties required as additives for cosmetics.

It is used to adjust the hardness of stick-shaped products such as lipstick as an alternative to hard waxes such as carnauba wax and candelilla wax. It is also used in stick-shaped products such as lipsticks due to the increased luster of the surface of oil-based raw materials, which is a characteristic of wax.

Other oil and fat products

In our green chemical business, we sell various fats and oils in addition to castor oil.

In addition, glycerin and Glauber's salt are generated as by-products in the processing of castor oil, which are also refined and commercialized.

Fine chemical products

Fine chemical products

In our fine chemicals business, we utilize the technologies cultivated through many years of oil and fat production. High-pressure hydrogenation reaction as the core of our business, and by combining various organic synthesis reactions and distillation refining technologies we produce several multi-dimensional products. Such as resin raw materials as polyester, polyamide, and urethane and others.

Guerbet Products

We manufacture dimerized alcohols and their derivatives by utilizing the "alkaline fusion technology" that is an elemental technology in the production of sebacic acid that we have cultivated over many years. It is used as a raw material for cosmetics, lubricating oils, and surfactants.

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