Management Philosophy


Management Philosophy

Kokura Synthetic Industry supports the development of a sustainable society from the perspective of protecting the global environment.
Doing business in the fields of castor oil science and fine chemicals
Continue to grow to establish a unique position and increase its contribution.

Management policy

Since our founding in 1943, we have been manufacturing raw materials for various daily necessities using fats and oils as starting materials, abundant chemical synthesis knowledge cultivated over many years, and production results of high temperature and high-pressure reaction (hydrogenation) and distillation refining, which are rare in Japan. As a result, we have shaped the needs of many customers.
We will pass on the development technology and production technology that are the source of our management to future generations, actively challenge new industrial fields and worldwide development, and continue to create value for social development.

Code of Conducts:

  1. Take care of each other and understand the position of the other
  2. Always put safety first
  3. We will always take on challenges and make improvements.

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