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R & D policy

We are very particular about 「plant-derived raw materials」, 「improve the technology we have cultivated」, and 「take on the challenge of developing new products」 with the aim of creating a sustainable world while expanding globally in harmony with time.

By handling plant based raw materials, we will continue to develop green chemistry that does not aggravate environmental issues such as global warming and microplastics pollution, and work with the innovative power of chemistry to coexist with affluent life through the development of chemistry and maintenance of a rich natural environment.

By the spirit of challenging mind, we will continue to contribute to the development of various functional compounds designs from the same raw material and introduce to market globally. We will continue to provide appropriate output by flexibly responding to customer's wishes and ongoing rapidly changing market trends.
We will continue to contribute worldwide together to solve problems in the global environment and society. We connect to the world with our technological capabilities and challenging spirit backed by our past achievements.

Development of plant based (castor oil) oleo product for chemical and cosmetic raw materials
We are researching, developing and commercializing functional materials made from castor oil, which is a non-edible crop. It is a plant-derived compound that not only contributes to the environment with carbon neutrality, but also continues to provide products that are friendly to the environment and also promoting bio plastics to the world.
Environmentally friendly catalysis catalytic reaction
-Catalyst chemistry contributes to the production of products with low environmental impact by reducing the energy required for the reaction. Many of the catalytic reactions we carry out are technologies that have been developed in natural oil and fat chemistry that originated from our founding core, which also enables us to accurately control the degree of reaction precisely. By entrusting the synthesis study by our customer, we will contribute to shortening the reaction, analysis period proposed within the customer and effectively utilize the manufacturing equipment (consignment production).

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