Sustainability. Social community contribution


Sustainability. Social community contribution

Many of our products offer a wide range of plant-derived, eco-friendly materials.
In addition, as one of the social responsibilities of a company, we are focusing on social contribution activities and actively communicating to secure the trust and harmony of local residents and administrative organizations.

Initiatives for SDGs
We are an honored member of the Kitakyushu SDGs Club as part of our efforts on SDGs. Among the targets, we have listed six items as our priority goals, and we are reviewing the goals and progression in contrast towards the progress of our management goals and the requirements of the world standards.
Our 6 goals for SDGs
1: Let's get rid of poverty
3: Health and welfare for all
8: Rewarding work and economic growth
9: Let's lay the foundation for industry and technological innovation
15: Let's protect the richness of the land
16: Peace and justice for all
Co-sponsored the "Kokura Castle Bamboo Akari" event
This event being held since 2019 as part of the sound material-cycle society and SDGs movement in "Kitakyushu, the environmental capital". Damaged bamboo forests are actively cut down, bamboo lanterns are made by citizen volunteers, and "rice wax" extracted from our rice bran is provided by us.
Since it is a plant-derived material, it is a carbon-neutral material that contributes to a recycling society and raise environmental awareness amongst the people.

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