Occupational Safety and Health


Occupational Safety and Health

We have established ‘Safety and Health Committee’ to enforce policy of "business activities that prioritize safety" which included in our regular code of conduct of each and every member of our organization.

Safety and Health Committee activities
The people are the foundation of our company, who are working to prevent accidents and injuries and illnesses in work environment so that they can fully demonstrate their abilities and prosper. In order to achieve zero occupational accidents, we regularly carry out risk assessments and safety education for our employees, report the results of regular safety patrols, and provide consultation facilities with industrial physician specialists. In the unlikely event that a business accident or injury or illness, we will promptly investigate, conduct on-site hearings data takings, and respond promptly to investigate the cause for problem solving (the probability) at an early stage, and take feasible recurrence prevention measures as a whole company.
Health management initiatives (workplace of excellent health)
Although the regular health checkup rate is not 100%, but all of us no matter the type of employment contract (directors/staff member/par timers) are equally taking given opportunities to take health checkups.
Under the supervision of an industrial physician, we will continue to provide detailed step-by-step care for the results of health examinations in order to improve the health of employees and prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
In addition, to fight the coronavirus pandemic, we thoroughly implement preventive measures advised by local authorities, and we do necessary checkups at nearby health examination centers, avoiding any risks. We also practice [AVOID the 3Cs] policy as preventive measures of defense against Corona Virus.
Those are
Closed spaces with poor ventilation
Crowded places with many people nearby
Close-contact setting such as close-range conversations
In 2018, we have declared our employee’s health management initiatives. From the local authority of "Promotion of Excellent Health in workplace" we have been awarded gold standard. We want to keep this standard and maintain in future also for the good of our organization members.
Health management initiatives
Safety activities
We carry out monthly safety patrols. Patrols carry out a wide range of activities, such as mutual patrols by members of the Safety and Health Committee, also by participation of top management, and workplace diagnosis by consulting companies. By conducting patrols from various perspectives, we aim for results that lead to more effective and substantial improvements of awareness of safety.
Mental health & workplace Stress Management
Since December 2015, stress checks have become mandatory at workplaces with 50 or more employees by law.
We also adhere the government policy carry out stress checks every year from late October to early November.
We set up interview with an industrial physician based on the results of the stress check analysis. We also have a mental health consultation desk to make it easier for our people to consult burdening stress if the need occurs.
Installation of outdoor smoking areas to protect nonsmokers and encourage to reduce smokers
We have completely stopped stranded smoking and made our premises nonsmoking zone to prevent passive smoking. In our company Smoking is only allowed in designated area. Hence combating smoking rate is continuous process, we discourage our employees to stop smoking and target to reduce smokers rate 5% each year.
Installation of outdoor smoking areas to protect nonsmokers and encourage to reduce smokers

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