Business Continuity, (BCP) Legal Compliance


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The contributions towards continuity of Kokura Gosei Kogyo goes to our stakeholders, and we are working to strengthen our efforts for business continuity.

Business continuity plant
In an unlikely event of an "incident that affects business continuity", we plan to continue important activities that support key prospects of businesses, or plan to recover from the incident as soon as possible to restoration. We have formulated a Business Continuity Plan to mitigate the impact and promptly carry out business recovery.
Disaster prevention
We have organized a self-defense fire brigade and regularly carry out various trainings in case of an emergency. In addition, we participate in local maneuvering competitions every year to showcase the results of our daily training and deepen disaster prevention exchanges with other local business establishments.
Legal compliance (chemical substance management)
We handle new chemical substances when considering the production of new request from our customers. While as new chemical substances can be expected to have new possibilities for society, their hazards to the human body and the environment are also could be unknown.
The manufacture and sale of new chemical substances is obliged to comply with the Law Concerning the Examination and Regulation of Chemical Substances (Chemical Substances Control Law) and the Industrial Safety and Health Law (Safety and Health Law). Manufacture of new chemicals must be notified in advance to government authorities and must be manufactured within the confirmed quantity.
In order to ensure legal compliance, we regularly verify whether new chemical substances are manufactured without notification or deviate from the confirmed quantity limit. By promoting this legal compliance activity, we support the proposal of new products and the sustainable supply of products.

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