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Quality control standards

ISO9001 (2005) is our quality control standard.

QC policy
1. We will continue to provide products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers by demonstrating scientific and technological capabilities we have cultivated in "development, manufacturing, and sales."
2. In every process, everyone will fulfill their assigned responsibilities and duties, and improve the quality management system for the prosperity of stakeholders.
3. We will comply with laws, regulations, agreements, and other requirements.

Product quality control / Testing method

We control the product quality by conducting tests using the standard oil and fat analysis test method as per JIS standard.
We also carry out tests using the following measuring equipment and strive for quality control that meets the needs of our customers.
Gas Chromatograph, Infrared Spectrophotometer, Ultraviolet-visible Spectrophotometer, Moisture Meter, Refractive Index Meter, Viscometer, Melting point measuring device, Chromaticity Meter and others.

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification

We are also a member of a certification body for the raw materials used in our manufacturing process.
RSPO is an international NPO established in 2004 by related organizations including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It aims to promote sustainable palm oil production and use through the development of globally trusted certification standards and the participation of stakeholders.


SuCCESS (Sustainable Castor Caring for Environmental and Social Standards) * Registration under preparation

As Castor oil, is being the key raw material of our green chemical business, we aim to build a sustainable castor oil supply chain. We greatly appreciate ‘Sustainable Castor Association’ to secure this raw material’s production activity in a manner of protecting the farmer, developing good agricultural practices, adopting waste disposal codes, advising water efficiency and soil productivity and overall contributing to whole of sustainable castor related industry sector. For the purpose of enhancing ‘Sustainable Castor Association’s’ such good practice and contribute our share, we are proud to be a member of this organization.

Logistics quality / SDS / Yellow card

We have an automated full fledge warehouse in our factory that can store up to about 1,000 pallets (equivalent to 4,000 drums). In addition, we own trucks that can transport dangerous goods in-house, and we are building an effective logistic system in cooperation with external warehouses and logistics companies.
In addition, Kokura Synthetic Industry creates and provides SDS * for all the products we produce that comply with the laws and regulations of the customer's home country where the products are used.
In addition, in case of shortages such as accidents during product transportation, we create a card that describes emergency measures and contact information, and distribute it to the drivers who transport it.

* SDS: Abbreviation for Safety Data Sheet. This is a document for providing information on the physicochemical properties, dangers / harmfulness, and handling of chemical substances to the other party to whom the chemical substances are transferred or provided.

Logistics quality / SDS / Yellow card

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