Fine Chemical Business


Fine Chemical Business

Creating new value from a combination of many elemental technologies

Providing new functional chemical materials by high temperature and high-pressure reaction, hydrogenation and distillation purification

In the fine chemicals business, we are pursuing new possibilities for fine chemicals that we have not yet seen, with high-pressure hydrogenation reactions as the core of our business and the combination of various organic synthesis reactions and distillation purification technologies as our core values.
We are exploring further possibilities of "castor oil" that we have been handling for many years, and developing our own products as various functional materials. In particular, various materials for cosmetics which are renowned for their high performance.
Taking advantage of not only our own products but also the knowledge and know-how accumulated over many years, we are able to provide one-stop support for development research of various laboratory prototypes, and actual mass production. We are very confident to materialize and deliver various requests from our clients.

What is hydrogenation?

Hydrogen is the lightest element, accounting for about 70% of the total mass of our universe, and is the element that makes up the "water" that we need to live. It is a colorless and odorless gas that can be inhaled without harm. However, since it is a type of "flammable gas" that can catch fire if its concentration exceeds a certain level, it must be handled correctly in compliance with the prescribed procedures.

Hydrogen has a wide range of uses and has been attracting attention in recent years as a clean energy source. Liquefied hydrogen is used for rocket fuel, etc., and is also used for fuel cells. We have the technology and special equipment to safely use hydrogen at high pressure (up to 100 atm in our company), and we can chemically change any substance using hydrogen.

In our green chemical business, by adding hydrogen to plant derived oil, transforms to wax, which is later commercialized as a product of hydrogeneration. Also, by adding hydrogen, the transparency of the substance can be increased. In addition, by using hydrogen at high pressure, it is possible to change substances that do not change normal circumstances.

Producing a special product group by Guerbet reaction

We possess "alkaline fusion technology" as an elemental technology in the production of sebacic acid. This is a method of reacting and oxidizing an organic compound with an alkali dissolved at a high temperature (300 ° C). We apply this technology to produce dimerized alcohols branched at the β-position from primary alcohols by a Guerbet reaction. In addition, we manufacture higher-grade alcohol with high industrial value from plant-derived raw material alcohol, which is used as a lubricant, fiber oil, surfactant, cosmetic raw material, etc., and contributes to a sound material-cycle society.
In addition, our Guerbet products are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified, and we use and produce sustainable palm-derived raw materials to provide products that contribute to society.

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